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Close Protection

SSS Security offers tailored close protection services that provide professional, discreet and highly trained security professionals equipped with the latest technology and techniques to ensure the safety and security of clients. The services include threat assessment, route planning, and secure transportation, with teams trained to handle a range of situations, from low-key to high-profile events. The teams work closely with clients to identify potential risks, maintaining a low profile while providing customized solutions to meet unique needs, and ensuring client confidentiality and discretion. SSS Security is committed to providing the highest level of close protection services to give clients peace of mind.


Special Service Security are committed to upholding high standards in recruitment, staffing, and management procedures, as demonstrated by our various industry accreditations earned and maintained through regular audits.

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OUR close protection service includes:

  • Close protection service includes:

  • Threat assessment and risk analysis

  • Personal protection and escorting

  • Secure transportation and route planning

  • Intelligence gathering and analysis

  • Emergency response planning and coordination

  • Surveillance and monitoring

  • Access control and perimeter security

  • Training and consulting on personal security and safety measures

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SSS continue to provide me with the most important value of feeling safe and free-minded. They prioritised my security and delivered a sense of safety and peace of mind. Their ability to provide last-minute cover was impressive, which is crucial in the industry I work in.

 Eva Apio, Model 

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